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What’s the FIZZ All About?

A beverage is any drinkable liquid, usually other than water.

The word beverage is of Old French origin beivremeaning to drink; also from the Latin word bibere.    It is a fact that most beverages including tea, coffee, liquor, beer, milk, chocolate drink, juice, smoothie, cider, ade or soft drinks; form a part of the culture of human society.Drinking has been a large part of socialising throughout the centuries; new techniques were discovered to create different kinds of thirst quenching drinks.   drinks-ae-800x600There are a number of different steps prior to consumption of a beverage or drink.  The most important one will be the Purification of water, since it is the chief constituent in all drinks and the primary ingredient in most beverages.

Methods for purification include filtration and chlorination.

Another process is Pasteurisation, which is primarily used on milk; it requires heating the milk for a period of time at a specified temperature and then the boiling liquid is immediately cooled.  This process helps reduce the growth of micro-organisms within the milk.

Juicing is the process of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables.

There is also anther process of extracting flavours from plant material called Infusion; this allows the extracted flavours to remain suspended within water, commonly used in the production of teas and are also used to prepare coffee by using a coffee press.

In the case of coffee-brewing, the process used is Percolation, derived from the word “percolate” which means to cause (a solvent) to pass through an absorbent substance especially for extracting a soluble component.

Carbonation is the process of dissolving carbon dioxide into a liquid commonly used to create non-alcoholic drinks such as Cola, orange, root beer, ginger and lemon or lime.

This next process has been used since the Neolithic age; for the production of beverage and called Fermentation, a process that converts sugar to alcohol.  This process is used for the production of wine and beer brewing.

On the other hand, production of spirits from milder alcoholic beverages uses a process called Distillation.  This method separates mixtures based on difference in volatility of components in a boiling liquid mixture.

This is also a method used in purification of water.   Lastly, the process of Mixing is used to produce cocktail drink which is usually a mixture of spirits, sugar, water and bitters.  The term is often used for alcoholic mixed drinks such as mixers or mixed shots.

So, I ask you again – what is the fizz all about?

Well, that is quite simple really!

What should you do now?


  1. Find a comfortable couch, a nice beverage and a book that will stop time.
  2. Be sure to enjoy the trademark beverage of KV Bakery!
  3. Want some help or ideas? Just contact us at Killarney Vale Bakery now.



There’s not a man, woman or child on the face of the earth who doesn’t enjoy a tasty beverage. ~ David Letterman

Remember – What’s the FIZZ All About?

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