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Dessert is a word which originated from the French word desservir which means “to clean the table”. Typically, the word dessert is most commonly used for a sweet course that concludes a meal.

In ancient civilizations, dried fruits, honeycomb, nuts and other natural foods locally available were considered as desserts. Soon, in the Middle Ages when sugar was first manufactured, more types of desserts became available and were enjoyed by people. But, sugar was so expensive that only the rich could indulge on special occasions.

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Since then, desserts have been constantly changing with all of the new techniques and ingredients available in a specific area; all these have contributed and affected the range of desserts made available to the people.  Desserts also went through major changes in how it is made, from minimal effort in preparation using natural ingredients since the ancient cultures to the modern day cultures having more options and varieties in the desserts available; such as processed, preserved, canned and frozen desserts.

Different countries have desserts unique to their nation depending on the availability of ingredients in the area and in the distinctive taste of the local people.  Many cultures have different varieties of desserts; even though the common ingredient of any dessert is sugar, desserts still comes in a variety of flavours, textures and looks because it is usually passed down or has come from different regions.

Major categories in which are considered as desserts are:

Nowadays, the market for desserts has greatly increased over the last few decades.  Desserts popularity has grown and is standard staple menus in restaurants, bakeries sell a lot of varieties and there are even many commercial stores which solely sells only desserts such as ice cream parlours or donut shops.

What does your sweet tooth says when you think of desserts?

Well, that is quite simple really!


What should you do now?

  1. Wear great shoes and order the dessert.
  2. I want to have a nice body, but not as much as I want dessert.
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Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.
~ Ernestine Ulmer

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