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Sophisticated Sandwiches – More mouth watering fillings for October

Last month we introduced you to the first in our regular series of scrumptious sandwich filling ideas. You’ve probably guessed we love baking bread, but we also enjoy eating it and think our bread is at its best when it’s encasing something very delicious. Indeed there are times when a peanut paste or Vegemite and […]

Busting the Myths about Bread

Low carb or no carb diets and gluten intolerance are just a couple of the reasons given by people who choose to eliminate bread from their eating plans. Yes, it’s a little bit trendy to proclaim your diet is grain and gluten free… but is denying oneself your daily bread really necessary for good health? […]

Help! My bread’s gone hard!

Fresh bread… mmmm mmmm it’s delicious and we all love it right? Sometimes it’s not possible to get to the end of the loaf before it gets a little less like the soft fresh loaf you purchased. Of course in a perfect world thinking ahead and freezing a portion of the loaf is best if there’s […]

Sophisticated Sandwiches – 5 mouth watering fillings to try in September

Sandwiches have long been a staple lunch box item and if your school days were anything like mine, each recess meant digging into the lunch box to retrieve a Vegemite sandwich lovingly wrapped in wax paper. On a luckier day, it may have been a slice of leftover roast meat slapped between those two slices of […]

The Delights of Devonshire Tea

A cup of tea? How do you take it? Milk, sugar?…. Maybe a slice of lemon? I actually prefer my cup of tea served with a side of freshly baked scones, a smudge of jam and a dollop of cream! While going out for ‘coffee and cake’ has become quite the flavour, there’s something still […]

Burger – A Natural Wonder

Whatever is the value, hamburgers are really one of the unsurpassed most loved sustenance! In terms of eating away from home, no other treat mesmerize our plate or rule menus as much as the lustrous hamburger! Whether steamed, fried, char-grilled, cooked on the same sides, flame-broiled, cooked at once in slathered or double-sided griddles with […]

The Sugary Fixing on Treats

Icing, which is often called as frosting – is a covering or topping of food which is use to adorn baked stuffs especially on cakes and pastries. It is sweet as it is typically made with sugar base, whereas it can also be done with butter, egg whites or cream. It may also be used […]

The Rising of Espresso Culture

What is the most ideal way to explore the city and drench up unique barrio spirit? Go through bakeries and obviously make a visit on cafes! From a social point of view, cafes generally play a major role in social interaction. It gives social members a cool spot to gather, talk, read, compose, engross each […]

What You Didn’t Know About Bread

Bread, as we know it, represents one of the stems of gastronomy and nutrition and also known as the foundation of cooking. In this article, we will reveal some interesting statistics and facts relating to wheat and bread. Some of them may sound unbelievable but we assure you its true! Come read up, have a […]

Baking Myths – Revealed

How interesting is it to sort fact from fiction? In this article, we will give you the record straight to find out what is true and what is not about Baking! Let’s find out.