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bread pudding

We often do not think of bread as an ingredient in it’s own right.

But there are many amazing recipes that use bread as an ingredient.


Bread pudding Apple

Bread pudding Apple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Huckleberry Bread Pudding with Creme Anglaise Side Dish

In my favorite version of bread pudding, the bread is suspended in a rich custard and scattered with one of Montana’s prizes: deep purple huckleberries, fresh from our local forests. 

The pudding is accented with two sauces, one made with huckleberries and, the other, a velvety custard. 

I encourage you to try this recipe after you have tried your hand at gathering summer huckleberries. Read more here . . .

How to make Quorooti – AfghanBread Pudding


Brioche Bread Pudding


A chicken Caesar dog, plum-berry bread pudding and… a winner!

Let’s start with the bun thing. On Saturday, we had friends over for dinner at the lake.

I spatchcocked and grilled a chicken under a rock (I wrapped a massive flat stone in foil, then set it on top of the chicken).

I’d rubbed the chicken (over and under the skin) with a blend of fresh rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil. It was delicious. Read more . . .

 A chicken Caesar dog, plum-berry bread pudding and… a winner


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