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About us and some history

Coffe and Bread offer poster 04Killarney Vale Bakery and Café is a family owned business that provides high quality products and services on a wholesale and retail basis daily to the local community on the Central Coast and has done so for over 30 years.

Originally opening as a bakery in the early 1980’s, it was later taken over by its current owners, husband and wife team Rob and Debbie Merryfull in 1992. Rob and Deb have been in the Industry since 1979.

It was the first Bakery in the Killarney Vale shops and quickly became a convenient friendly business, gaining a reputation amongst the Central Coast community for outstanding customer service and value for money, using traditional methods and quality ingredients.

Rob Merryfull is a qualified baker and pastry cook with 40 years experience. He was influenced by his father Royce who was previously a baker. Now the management of the shop has been passed on to Rob and Deb’s daughter Katie who is in charge of day to day management and running of the business.

Since 1992 the product range and shop has expanded the small family owned shop into a thriving business, serving not only baked goods of all sorts, but now having a full all-day breakfast menu and espresso bar, with foods and drinks of the highest standard.

Keeping It Local

The Merryfulls believe in supporting local businesses and keeping work on the coast and today support many different sporting clubs including:Killarney Vale Bakery

Our Products and Supply

We have a wide variety of products and use as many ingredients from local businesses as possible.

Our bread ranges from square loaves to an assortment of seeded rolls and gourmet bread varieties baked daily.  

Our wholesale business supplies:

  • local Pubs,
  • Clubs,
  • Schools,
  • Cafe,
  • sporting Clubs,

with Bread, Pies, Sausage Rolls, Tarts, Cakes and Fresh Sandwiches.