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Sophisticated Sandwich Fillings – for December, the Festive Season

There are now only a few days remaining until Christmas Day so we’re certain you’ve prepared your festive menu for lunch or dinner. Yes? Would it be also fair to assume that ham will be playing one of the lead roles at your Christmas table? If so, there’s then always a high possibility you’ll be […]

Sophisticated Sandwich Fillings – Fabulous February Tastes!

It’s February already and you’re most likely a few weeks into the school/work lunchbox dilemma. We’re on a mission to help you make sure there’ll be no more boring sandwich fillers in your household this year and once again this month we’re introducing you to some sandwich taste sensations. Enjoy these five scrumptious sandwich ideas […]

Sophisticated Sandwich Fillings – Delicious in January

Happy New Year and happy sandwich eating! We’re back this year continuing our monthly post of great gourmet sandwich filling ideas. Filling between 2 slices of bread seems simple enough, but sometimes the occasion calls for something a little out of the ordinary. Or maybe ham and cheese slice just no longer excites…. This month […]

Sophisticated Sandwich Fillings – November sensations here!

We’re back again with some more sensational ideas for simply scrumptious sandwiches! It’s is our third installment of this monthly series and hopefully by now you’ve been leaving the peanut butter on the shelf sometimes, just to treat yourself to something a little more decadent and delicious! No theme or pattern to this month’s selection […]