Eggplant & Almond Butter Tofu Bowls | Minimalist Baker Recipes

It’s been a few months since we’ve been in our new (and first!) home, but I still get nostalgic about our old neighborhood even though it’s just 10 minutes away, and our new neighborhood is pretty awesome as well. In our old apartment we were super close to a Boké Bowl – a healthy, Asian, […]

5-Ingredient Chipotle Aioli | Minimalist Baker Recipes

Whoa, guys, like whoa. Chipotle aioli with 5 ingredients? This calls for a french fry and veggie burger party. This dip has been a long time in the making. Anytime we go to a restaurant my eyes always go to the sauce section. I’m a sauce freak and always hope they have some dairy-free options.

Maple Caramel Corn – My Baking Addiction

I’m wondering lately if it’s just me. This time of year, when the air turns crisp, and the fall colors start to pop out, all I want to do in the evening is cozy up with my little babe and hubby, a fun night of family TV, and snacks we’ll all love. That’s where the […]

Pomegranate Ginger Punch – My Baking Addiction

I’m really getting into Halloween this year. I think we’re going to go all out again this year, with a huge party for kids and adults alike. Who says kids have to have all the fun, right? I can’t decide if we should do a family costume, or each do our own thing. I think […]

Pumpkin Maple Cupcakes – My Baking Addiction

I’m Lizzy from Your Cup of Cake and I am so happy to be guest posting again for Jamie! I have been waiting and waiting for October to roll around so I could finally bust out my Halloween decorations and start drowning myself in pumpkin desserts and caramel apples! It’s officially here! I’ve been busy […]

Bake for Good Month – Flourish – King Arthur Flour

It’s Bake for Good Month at King Arthur Flour! Join us and pledge to Bake an Impact. To kick off this new celebration, we invited Carey Underwood, King Arthur Flour’s Director of Mission-Driven Partnerships and Programs, to share why this program is so important to us. At King Arthur Flour, we love to bake — […]

Kale Sweet Potato Curry | Minimalist Baker Recipes

As you may know, I’ve made many curries before (see them here here and here), but this may very well be my favorite. Yes, big statement, but very true. Plus, this is a 1-pot, 30-minute recipe that screams comfort food and fall and all of the cozy things. You know how I feel about fall.

Chocolate Fudge Cake with Pernod Caramel Cream Icing. | How Sweet It Is

I have a major confession to make. Up until recently, like very very recently, I was NOT a huge caramel lover. In fact, I didn’t even really… like it. Well. That’s a semi-lie, because when I was a kid, I was obsessed with all things caramel. I was a freak over those caramello candy bars […]

20-minute Asian Kale Salad | Minimalist Baker Salad

I recently tried doing an elimination diet; emphasis on the “tried.” I think I lasted about 1 week, but one food I did manage to do was avoid soy. During that time I discovered a way to do Asian food without tamari or soy sauce. Exciting, right? Allow me to demonstrate. A local grocery store in Portland has […]

Fruity Pebbles Whoopie Pies – My Baking Addiction

Fruity Pebbles Whoopie Pies are a playful spin on a classic dessert. Marshmallow buttercream and Fruity Pebbles “sprinkles” make them irresistible. If you’re a regular reader, you know that my husband is pretty much the pickiest eater that I’ve ever encountered. He’s not super keen on sweets (crazy, right?) and most vegetables are a no-go.